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A fresh approach to healthcare

Precision Corporate Healthcare offers an extensive range of benefits enabling you to create a healthcare Group Scheme tailored to your company's budget and your business requirements. Whether designing a Group Scheme from scratch, or transferring from another insurer, we want to be able to match your objectives and requirements as closely as possible so you have precisely what you want and need.

Precision Corporate Healthcare offers health insurance, cash plan and dental benefits. Traditionally these were separate products, which can now be rolled into one thereby offering a tailored and flexible healthcare package.

Helping you to build your cover

Precision Corporate Healthcare allows single or multiple categories of cover and we will work with you to create a group scheme that fits your company's needs. Flexibility can bring complexity, which is why we are here to help you at each stage in the process.

The benefit options shown are for illustration only. For a full list of benefits and terms and conditions, please refer to the Group Benefits and Guide in the ‘Download documents’ section below.

  • Step 1 : Choose your ‘base’ cover

    Choose between Health Insurance, Cash Plan cover or a mixture of the two. Health Insurance offers peace of mind in the event of an illness or injury. Cash Plans offer a lower cost option that compliments the NHS by providing cashback towards everyday healthcare costs.

    • Health Insurance (Private Treatment)
    • Cash Plan (Cash Benefits)
    • Health Insurance with cash benefits

  • Step 2 : Extras to enhance your cover

    Add to your Health Insurance. Benefits include:

    • Psychiatric
    • Out-Patient
    • Cash Plan (Cash Benefits)

    Add to your Cash Plan. Benefits include:

    • Health Screening
    • GP Charges
    • NHS Car Parking

  • Step 3 : Employer responsibilities

    Having selected your healthcare benefits, you have the option to include an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) and counselling as an additional valuable employee welfare benefit.

    • EAP Helplines
    • Face to Face Counselling

  • Step 4 : Manage your premium

    Helping you to deliver a sustainable and long-term group scheme.

    • Premium Hospitals
    • Shared Responsibility® (co-payment)
    • Excess
    • Group Deductible

A corporate excess

Precision Corporate Healthcare gives you multiple ways of reducing your premium. One of the options is to take a Group Deductible. It's very similar to an excess - the group fund the first 30% of the traditional premium as a Group Deductible (excess) which we will manage, therefore reducing the cost to the company.

The Group Deductible is your corporate group excess and will remain your company’s money. If your claims don’t exceed your Group Deductible, you’ll get the balance back.

Compare savings with Group Deductible

Compare a Precision Corporate Healthcare Group Scheme with a traditional health insurance Group Scheme.


Employer Benefits Employee Benefits

Reduce staff absenteeism due to ill-health.

Improve productivity with employees getting quicker access to private medical treatments.

Combine health insurance, cash plan and dental benefits into one tailored flexible healthcare scheme.

Improve staff wellbeing for a healthier workforce.

Flexibility of scheme design with the ability to mix and match benefits.

Fund the health cover using a Group Deductible (corporate excess) to reduce premiums.

Key exclusions

As you’d expect, some circumstances won’t be covered in your scheme like the examples shown below.

  • Long-term illness (chronic conditions) unless the Long Term Conditions benefit is selected
  • Dental problems (unless Dental Care is included)
  • Targeted/Biological Therapies if readily available on the NHS
  • Fertility problems, pregnancy and childbirth
  • Neonatal treatment
  • For a full list of what isn’t covered, please refer to the guide in the ‘Download documents’ section below.

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